VE7GL Station Pictures

From the air in the fall of 2007.  You can see the main tower and stacks, plus the 4el HF quad on the right.  It was raining when this picture was taken so the resolution was not the best.


2006 CQWW CW Contest - snow and iced in.  That's the ham shack in the background.  You can see the 4el Quad on the electric crank up tower, and stacks and 40M mono-band yagi in the back lot.

Zoran, VA7VZZ, inspecting his handiwork - a cradle for a self supporting crank up tower base ready for the concrete to be pored. You can see the tower in the background.

Nedo VA7AO and Rade VA7OO celebrating an almost dug tower hole.  This is for a self supporting electric crank up tower and a 4el 20-15-10M HF quad.

The view towards Europe long path.  The tree in the distance supports one end of a 160M Inverted L.


Zoran, VA7VZZ, working on a broken rotator mast clamp bracket.

The view towards the main house and Europe.  That's a campsite, a river and some large beaver ponds just past that line of trees.

The view towards the East Coast with our California Kilowatt filter (the hill) to the south. 

The 20-15-10M Quad for the spotting station. That's Rade VA7OO positioning the antenna on the crank up tower. And yes, it's poring with rain.   This was just a temporary tower and it's now on a much larger 20M high electric crank up.

The only way to fly, or install a 4el HF Quad in the rain.  And it's only four hours before CQWW CW!  This was for a temporary tower for tuning purposes but we couldn't resist trying it out in the contest.

That's a full sized 80M elevated ground plane vertical on the right, which also supports a 160M Inverted L.  The white spreader is one end of a 2el Double Extended Zepp array for 40M fixed on Japan.

Rade, VA7OO, doing the final touches on the 80M vertical.  That's 65' of pipe (insulated) strapped to the top of this tree.

VE7GL - Dale - Making some room for a new 40M Yagi.  The Quad on the right has since been replaced by a 4el Quad on a new 20M electric crank up tower, the lower stack with a TH7DX, and the 40M mono-bander yagi is up and working just fine. 

Dale - VE7GL working on the lower stack. That's a TIC-Ring rotator with a custom made bracket for the Delhi tower.

Nedo - VA7AO and his skyhook attempting to lift one end of the 40M Yagi.

VE7HJJ - Working on a 40M Yagi

VA7RR - Gary - CQWW CW 2003

The boom in the tree supports one end of a 40M EDZ, with reflectors fixed on Japan, and an 80M EDZ for E/W.
Other than the odd Moo, the cows produce no radio noise and or complaints about RFI.  We're looking due south into our custom California Kilowatt Filter.


John - VE7HJJ - 2001


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