Dale as VE3BWK/4U in Syria - 1978 & 1979

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Dipole at ~100' on 160 Meters, 2-2 element 75 Meter quagis firing at North America long and short path switchable, 2-element phased delta loops for 40 Meters at 80', Hi-Gain TH6-DXX for 20/15/10 Meters, low band beverage for receiving and a 5 element 2 Meter yagi.

Here's a rare DX QSL card for you - counts for Syria


1978-1979, the heavily damaged Syrian town of Kuneitra is in the background, the snow is on Mount Hermon and the Lebanese border is just a few kilometers to the upper left. If you look closely you will see a tower and yagi between the "L" and "A" in the photo title, that's the TH6DX on an 80' tower. A closer photograph of the station is show below. There is a 110' tower on the right in the distance by a bunker and a similar tower from which this picture was taken.  I had a 160M dipole stretched between the two. 

The U.N. base is CANLOG UNDOF.

VE3BWK/4U  5el 2M, TH6DXX, 2el 40M phased Deltas, 2-2el 80M sloper yagis

Destroyed APC on our base

Mobile - VE3BWK/4X or /OD or /YK

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