One of two stations, this one at Ledra Palace in Nicosia. Also known by many Canadian Hams as a CFARS (Canadian Forces Ancillary Radio Service) station, a system similar to the American MARS radio service.

5B4MN mobile, lots of local activity on 2 Meters.


Raising a modified TH6DXX below left, the 20 Meter segments have been removed and the array setup for 15 and 10 Meter operation. The tower in the background supports a 33' ground plane used for 40 Meters. Slopers and dipoles on various supports rounded out the antennas for the low bands.

Some of the local Nicosia Hams at their club station.

Below is a Hi Gain 204BA monobander on top of 15/10 Meter dual-bander that's being installed just below. The dual-bander is a modified TH6DXX with the 20 Meter elements removed.



This is a TH6DXX on a 100' tower located on the Blue Beret Camp just outside Nicosia. Canada no longer has a presence in Cyprus so none of these stations exist anymore.



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